17 April, 2014

BEAUTY: BONBON Viktor & Rolf

 BonBon - Viktor&Rolf *
The perfume is inspired by caramel candy and it smells amazing, we aren't talking cheap sweet shop candy either I mean it’s much deeper. A dark rich indulgent caramel, an adults only carmel. More of an evening fragrance as it is  so rich, however I tend not to stick to the day/ night fragrance rules.
In regards to the packaging of this, the pink bow design is just so cute but in my opinion doesn’t quit elude to the depth of the perfume inside.  However I love the little Viktor & Rolf tag that comes on all of their perfumes. 
Since I was sent this perfume which was just over a week ago I’ve worn it every day and I’ve noticed that it’s really long lasting. This is a big thing for me, I refuse to shell out for a perfume if it’s going to have vanished in a few hours.
The fragrance will be available in Debenhams stores from the 21st April.

Have you tried any of the Viktor & Rolf fragrences?

13 April, 2014


Jacket - Primark
Top - ASOS
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - Office
This Jacket was only £3, Yep £3. Good that isn't it?! The jeans are Joni Jeans which where once black and could now be described as a dark grey and the t shirt, well I just love anything trashy and disney. 
The trainers where an impulse buy, a very expensive (even thought they where in the sale ) impulse buy. You see it was a few days after payday. I was on my dinner hour from work and I was miserable. So I went shopping. I swear it helped for all of 10 min and to be fair I do love the trainers. I love most trainers really. I love shoes. All shoes but trainers are my favourite! 
Also as a side note I've noticed that I always prefer my outfits when I have extensions in. My extensions are a bit like the finishing touch and I love them however it might be time for some new ones soon, they are looking a little tatty.