13 December, 2014

EVENT: HUSKIES! #ExperienceTransun

 Two weeks ago I got to try out something so super fun and totally my sort of thing - I got to go Husky sledging! Amazing yeah?
Well it all started a few months ago when I got an email from the lovely people at Joesblogs asking me if i fancied a bit of a Husky adventure courtesy of  Transsun. Now this is a blogger invite I dint even have to think about, not even the long drive could put me off  so ton he 30th November I traveled up to Ambleside along with a few other bloggers to learn how to husky sled.  The event took place up at Wray castle which was a beautiful location - I arrived quite early so I got a chance to look around. Wray castle and Wray campsite are only a little way apart - I’m already planning a return visit.

 Sledging isn’t really the right term, it was super cold but there wasn't snow or a sledge insight instead we where shown ‘Rigs’ - these things look like a cross between a scooter and a segway. we had to start of on the rig without the dog attached, we had to practice going down hill, turning and going over pot holes. It was pretty easy to do but with out the dog attached it was hard work going up hill!
Then we got to meet the dogs.
Now the Huskies where so gorgeous, stunning dogs with such beautiful temperament.  I was loving all the kisses and cuddles from the dogs as we waiting for our turn on the track.

 I had Ice attached to my Rig, he was such a handsome fella, very strong at fast too. once he was attached I could use a few commands to control his speed. Ice and I where flying around the lake in no time, it was so much fun. I’m love to have a go at something like this on snow in lapland but the lakes is defiantly the next best thing. 
Totally recommend trying it out, a definite once in a life time experience .

A massive thank you to Joe Bloggers and Transun for this experience!

06 December, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Asos

Asos is by far my most bought from retailer. I order off them far far to often, it's almost an addiction. I get free next day delivery because i signed up to the premier service which in my opinion is totally worth it.
So I thought i'd do a post on Asos gift ideas, things I would like to find under the tree, things I think would make great gifts.
1. Korres lip butter - This is the only lip butter/balm product in my whole life ever ever ever I have used from date of purchase until it runs out completely then re-bought. I love the jasmine one but I'm sure all over them are lovely. The texture is perfect and I think they make the perfect quality stocking filler.
2.Sterling Silver Ring  - So this has been on my wish list for ages, it's pretty, the kind of thing that can be worn all the time and it's a steal at only £20.
3.Kenzo watch - Some people seem to think one watch is enough, however I'm not one of those. I think you should have many watches and i've got a bit of a thing for the Kenzo branding.
4.Leather backpack - This has been on my wish list the longest, over a year intact and even though its in the sale I still can't really afford it, although seeing that it's not in low stock makes it even more desirable. I honestly thing its perfect. Simple and perfect.
5.Cheap monday clutch -  again with the monochrome and simple aesthetic. This is very much my style, it would go with anything and would make a great gift, the kind of thing you can't really go wrong with.
6.Elf socks - if your looking for a cliche christmas present these novelty socks would be perfect, there also pretty cute and snuggly.