20 March, 2015

Holiday Diaries: Part 4

Bit of a cooler day due to it being cloudy. This day was a proper relaxing day, reading and sleeping was pretty much all I did. Like I said it was cooler but still warm enough to nap on a sun lounger. 
It was nice to have the space and time to think, I thought a lot, about other people and about myself and my life. It was a luxury to have the time.
I really like Valentine's Day. Always have. I love romance and grand gestures and small secret gestures and in jokes and all that romantic bollocks. 
I love it. 
I think life is too short to hold back. I've always been one to send friends valentines cards, I like the fuss. So what if its commercial. If I ran the world there would be a valentines every month.
So what was it like spending valentines alone in another country?
Pretty great actually, you see, I'm a great date, an even better one when I'm taking myself out.
I work up and opened a card one of my friends had given me to take on holiday with me. Love her loads, I do have great people.
Clearly I'd chosen a hotel after my own heart because they made a huge fuss over valentines, big glittering hearts everywhere and heart shaped balloons. The tables where covered in Cupid shaped confetti and the staff where all dressed up.  For breakfast I had my usual coffee this time accompanied by a heat shaped pastry and a rose. 
Then I took myself off to the beach, the weather was back to being roasting again so I spent my morning stretched out in the sun, reading and listening to music.then lunch by the sea with cocktails before shopping. I had a few bits I wanted to pick up, the classic tacky souvenir type things. I thought being Valentine's Day it was only right to treat myself to a few things, a Chanel lipstick a new handbag and a tattoo. Yeah I got a tattoo. I wanted a permanent souvenir of my holiday I had a few designs saved to my photos me that I'd liked for ages, one was a queen of hearts symbol, been valentines I thought it was fitting so I did it. 

I love it btw. After tattoo time I found a shady spot for some more reading. I really enjoy reading, I vow to make more time for it when I'm back at home. I was late back to the hotel but had to go to the wifi zone to find out my collection time. 3:40 am Monday morning. Ouch.
 I spent the first part of my evening washing sand out of all mŷ clothes and the second watching a carnival type show at my hotel before taking my tipsy self back to my room to tidy up and shower in prep for my last day. 
I was so sad to be leaving. Leaving the sunshine, the freedom and the constant flow of sangria. Saying that I missed the people back home, a few in particular.
It was an amazing adventure. I'm surprised how content I can feel in a place that is totally new.

12 March, 2015

Holiday diaries: Part 3

Hot hot hot. 
I started the day with champagne for breakfast, yet again another perk of all inclusive. I was up pretty early so went for a walk, it was so beautiful walking along the sea front in the morning. I do enjoy a good people watching session and it's much quieter in the morning and you get to see the tourist side of the resort still sleeping and it occurs to me how many people actually live here. Obviously living in a place and holidaying in it are entirely different things but I can't help envying those who get to stay longer than a week.  Back at the hotel I set up residence on a sun lounger and choose a new book. Paper Towns by John Greene, it's going to be made in to a film so I thought I'd read it first. Primarily a YA novel, the protagonist is teenage boy.  It explores issues of identity and what it really means to know someone. It's really good and I read it in one day. 

I realised by tea time I was pretty drunk, now I blame this on the sun and not the copious amounts of sangria that had been accompanying my reading. I thought it might be wise to go for a nap so I went back to my room. Only managed about 30 min of sleep but by this time it was getting late so I showered and headed out for tea.

*at some point during the reading and drinking I decided to write a bucket list, seems like one of those fun cliche holiday things.

Now I love a bit of drag and I may not have mentioned that I happened to be holidaying in a very lgbt friendly destination and been wanting to see a drag show. Intending to go have a few drinks and leave this is not really what happened. I met a couple I'd spoken to round the pool who introduced me to a group of Swedish men. We where joined by a family from Newcastle and a couple from Jamacia, and a fella from London who was a drag queen himself. Are group seemed to expend during the night then slowly thin out until there was just myself, drag queen and a polish couple who had turned up with a bottle of Bacardi after the bar had closed. This is when I seem to have lost an hour or so, I do know I was dancing to polish pop music in the polish apartment and I was defiantly escorted back to my room by the drag queen. 

Evidence leads me to believe that despite the state I returned to my room in I managed to text the appropriate people to inform them of my safety. I also managed to drink a 2litre bottle of water and eat a packet of crisps. Surely this is the sign that I am a responsible adult?

Considering everything I felt alright, maybe a little hungover/tipsy as I waited outside the breakfast bar at 7:55 baying at the door like a stray cat desperate for coffee, cold water and toast. It was cooler then the day before, still shorts and tshirt weather but the heat a was a lot less intense and I decided to go to one of the big shopping markets. I took my ages to walk there, a combination of having ripped my feet to shreds with unsuitable footwear over the past few days and not actually knowing the way but I made it in the end. Ok to be truthful I didn't like the market, the sellers where very pushy and touchy. Not all of them but most and I hate being pounced on when I walk into a shop in the uk and I promise it's 100 times worse abroad. Saying that I did kind of expect it. I picked up a few bits but not much and decided to walk along the beach back. I stopped for a smoothie on the beach, it was a lovely little bar with swinging chairs. After my rest I went on a jet ski! It was kind of impulsive, I hadn't planed on going on one mostly because I didn't think it would be the kind of thing I'd feel ok with doing on my own but I did and it was so much fun. 
By the time I made it back to the hotel hangover had kicked in plus my legs ached from gripping on to the jet ski for my life.