31 July, 2015


July has been predominantly a month or saving money and working a lot. I have had some fun days out thought both to my local town of Blackpool, which coincidentally I will be blogging about in detail soon.
I've been saving money for my birthday which is exactly a week away. I have so many exciting things going on around my birthday, I haven't been this excited for my birthday since I was a little kid.
Fashion wise I feel I've let my blog slip, I mean fashion is still my favourite by a long way but with working so much I've fallen into the pattern of wearing the same old work clothes day in day out. Plus if I'm going to tell the whole truth I'm not feeling my best, I live off coffee and sugar and Im always tired. I feel all frumpy and rubbish so the last thing I want to do is take outfit photos. This is problem that 26 year old Dani needs to address because she is very much at risk of creating a den out of her work clothes and never coming out again.
On a happier note I'm positive about 26 year old Dani. 25 year old Dani sorted a lot of stuff out, she was strong and true and good. 26 year old Dani can sort the rest out.

During this past month I've seen Amy the film, which was beautiful and sad. Caught up with friends and been on adventures. I've also sifted through my wardrobe, donated to charity, EBayed and sorted my clothes and shoes making use of my loft space by converting it into a walk in wardrobe of sorts.

I'm tired, so tired, but I'm excited and hopeful.

28 July, 2015


This is a post for everyone out there that likes a good nosey. I always enjoy reading such posts on other peoples blogs and so I thought I'd make one myself.
My room is where I blog from most of the time. It's messy, full to the brim and the ultimate treasure trove of all things me.

I love these pola prints. I have them all over my room. I've loads of picture of my friends but also quotes and images that I like.

 My little hot air balloon was a gift.

 The wraps hung up on my wall are from Lush.

It might not be a palace, but I love it.