04 December, 2016

Winter Home Decor

I'm settling in to my new house and so excited for my first christmas in there with my little family. 
We are trying to get are house ready for christmas, G is doing all they little jobs that need finishing off and making shelves to house are growing book collection, whilst I'm stringing up fair lights and putting blankets of every available surface.

Here are my tips for a cosy winter house.

Blankets everywhere - I am of the belief that blankets are a key garment during the colder seasons. Not only do they have there practical uses but they add warmth and texture to your house. Sofa - stick a blanket on it. Chair - a folded blanket on the arm. Spare dining room chair - a pile of blankets. End of bed - blanket. You get my point.

Make bed time amazing - I'm talking brushed cotton duvet. If you haven't discovered the joys of brushed cotton you need to. It's the warmest fabric for bedding and makes for amazing cuddles. It's available all over you can even pick it up in Primark at this time of year. My set is from Rooi Luxury Living and its so cosy. I totally recommend it especially if you pair is with a warm blanket and soft pillows. Appriciate early nights, take a book to bed. Get warm and cosy - It's a lovely way to spend an evening and it's a great way to wind down and destress.

Lighting is key - I'm Lucky that my house is quite bright and airy but as the nights draw in and the days get darker a bit of extra warm lighting is beautiful. I love my lightbox, its really bright and I can change the text whenever I like. I've seen them in quite a few places but I got mine from Amazon which seems to be the cheapest.  I also pick up cheap and cheerful string lights like these bell ones from Primark. 
In the evening I like to make my house cosy with low level lighting using dimmer switches and the light from my tree.

Make the most of it - Hygge - Hygge is a Danish concept of creating warm atmosphere and enjoying things. It encourages you to make the most of what autumn winter has to offer. wrapping up warm and going on a frosty walk explore your community, try something new, catch up with friends. Dark nights are perfect for bonfires, movie nights, a warm drink and a good book or a winter feast. It's about appreciating the simple things and making them count.

Wishing you all a warm winter


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