16 August, 2016

The Police Museum : Manchester

Since I was a little girl I've always been hugely interested in the police and crime. My favourite museum happens to be The Police Museum in Manchester. It's only small and from that I can see , seems to be staffed my ex officers but its so interesting.  I'd been before but F hadn't so whilst we both had time off over my birthday I decided we should have a day in Manchester and go. It's only open a few hours and only once or twice a week so it'd best to check the website butit's totally worth it. 
It's in the northern quarter so can easily be combined with a day of shopping like we did.
You get to read about lots of crimes, se confiscated weapons and learn a little about the history of the Manchester Police force. 

Like I said every one that works there seems to be an ex officer or a current officer. When we visited members of the under water excavation team where there and where really friendly chatting to everyone and letting kids - and me - try on some of the equipment. You get to sit in and old police cell and here about for of the crimes committed an there punishments from hundreds of years ago. 

It's defiantly worth visiting - it's free but I donated a small amount and bought some bits in the gift shop because I wanted to contribute something to this amazing little place.

We where in the museum for about an hour - you could spend longer and your very welcome to but it's only small.

The rest of the day was spend shopping and eating burgers at Almost Famous.
Brilliant day.