13 August, 2016

The Clog Market : Rawtenstall

The first sunday of every month The Clog Amrket is held in Rawtenstall. The Clog Market is a beautiful collection of stalls specialising in handmade and vintage along side artisan food and local music. Last time we went I really enjoyed the atmosphere so when I realised that one would be held on my birthday I thought it would be the perfect way to spend my morning. I tweeted saying that I was looking forward to spending my birthday morning there and that I wanted to know if the newly refurbished temperance bar around the corner might be open! 
Both the clog market and the bar got back to me straight away saying that they would be and that they look forward to seeing me, which i thought was very sweet. They then tweeted me a few days before the market asking if I was still coming and asking me to say hello.
For those who don't know  what a temperance bar is, it stems for the temperance movement and it a bar that docent serve alcohol. Instead it serves a huge range of other beverages from behind a bar. Anyway the one in Rawtenstall is the oldest original dating bake from 1899.
It's a lovely drive over the Rawtenstall and the weather was good to. We arrived and had a quick once  round the market. I was all socially awkward and didn't want to say hello yet so we went to the temperance bar.
It'd the cutest little place and has every flavour of cordial you could wish for. F had a dandilion and burdock and I ordered a rhubarb milkshake - the lady serving who /i believe is the owner recognised me from twitter and wished me a happy birthday and gave me the milkshake on the house.

The have done a beautiful job with the refurb and the atmosphere was super friendly. We picked up some bottles of cordial to take home with us before we left.

We went back to the Clog Market where some local music had started playing- I posted a clip of this on my instagram. It was getting busy by this point but I'm not surprised it's such a lovely little event. I did introduce myself to the lady who runs the whole thing and she surprised me with a plant, a balloon and a card wishing me a happy birthday from the Clog Market. I was totally blown away by her kindness. The card was even customised to say my name. We spent another hour pottering around buying bits, listening to music and stroking the many dogs that attend this market.

It was such a lovely start to my birthday. I totally recommend the Market as a nice morning out for anyone who can get to the area. They are planning 2 more before they stop for the winter with the last one being a christmas market.
For more information go to @clogmarket on twitter.

 Huge thank you to those at the market and the bar and also F for his award winning company.