05 August, 2016


I do like a matte lip and I'd had my eye on these MAC matte lip pencils for a while but haddnt bought one till they ended up in the sale with 30% off.  First off I ordered the red, but once that had arrived I was so smitten with the formula I ordered the other two.
MAC claims they offer the vivid colour impact of a lipstick with the ease of a mechanical pencil - great. I have to agree that formula is second to none, not a true strong matte but a creamy matte that isn't drying on the lips. Wear time is that of your regular Mac lipstick which is fine by me. The shape is great and easy to line but thick enough to fill in  the lips. I love that it twists up and the shape is so sleek. 

Reddy to go - This is my kind of red, dark, strong, slightly cool toned, i did find this one the longest lasting of the three.
Aim to please - a deeper toned version of my natural lips.
Oh honey - I'm really in to brown/nudes at the moment and this is the one I find myself going to the most. (pictured below)

I would like them in more shades and I'd love it if they extended the range.
What are your favourite Mac products?