15 July, 2016

Hello again.

Nearly a year later.
Hello. I missed blogging. In the nearly year that has passed since I last logged on I've...

 Tried out a new job, I got to travel all around the UK staying in hotels and moving every week if not more. It was in part amazing but also very lonely and very stressful. I learnt so much in such a short space or time, I got to manage big teams and do really cool things but the constant moving and instability made me very anxious and jittery. Last month I transferred back to my old job feeling older, wiser and much more appreciative of routine.

Moved in to a lovely house with my boyfriend and my dog. It's beautiful and perfect and we have only had the keys maybe 2 weeks but I keep finding myself getting excited about using my new hoover in my new house and other such adult things which are all rather new to me. We are now in the process of decorating and slowly moving in. I can't wait for all my things to be in one place but the best thing about the house is that we are together.

Decided to start blogging again. In 2015 I felt hugely under pressure to blog and sometimes I was tired, I felt guilty - this was all pressure I'd put on my self. I'd lost sight of the fact that I did and do enjoy blogging. Then I remembered.
  No huge epiphany, I just miss it.  
Seen as a nearly year has gone by I guess I've changed a little, so I guess my blog will to. Like before expect beauty, fashion, the things I love but now I will include my home and my little adventures - for myself and in appreciation of all the good things.  

So thats it.
I'm back.

Hello old friends and hello to the new ones to, my name is Danielle, pleased to meet you.


  1. It's good to see you back <3
    I was sorting through all my old letters and correspondence the other day. Made me think of you and how we used to write.
    Would love to catch up! Huge congratulations on the house!
    Alice x x x

  2. Yay! I've not blogged for years! Nice to see you back x

  3. Yayy love you girlie

  4. Welcome back! Sometimes blogging can add unnecessary pressure to our already stressful lives so I do think its important to take a break when you need one :)

    Grace xx


  5. Hurrah! You're back! Looking forward to reading your posts again. Missed ya! Zxx

  6. Hi! :-) I’m new to your blog, its lovely. I go through phases of loving blogging and then having a break, and at the moment I’m enjoying it. I like blogging for chatting to people with similar interests as well as the creative aspect of the photography and written word. Looks like you are excited to start it up again. Best wishes for your blog and life in your new home. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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