31 July, 2016

Birthday wishes

It's exactly one week until my birthday. I guess most people say that as you get older birthdays don't tend to mean so much but for me it's not like that.  As a kid I had the best parties, being in August  it was often sunny. I remember having all my friends round, my mum has quite a big garden so we could all run around being silly and playing football, she would put on a huge buffet and i'd alway have a really nice cake. I remember having a swimming party with huge inflatables and sitting at the head of a really long table as all my friend tucked in to hot dogs. When I was 15 I went to London with my mum over my birthday and we shopped until are hands where sore for carrying bags and I loved every second of it.  
Then as I got a bit older birthdays became more about going out with all my friends and getting drunk but I would always make sure I had cake with my family in the day.  Then I had a few birthdays that where not as fun because my family were really ill, first my grandma, then my mum and grandma. Whilst I still appreciated my birthday I was just too worried to enjoy anything and didn't really want to do much - kind of just going through the motions. Then things got better- no one was ill and I didn't have to worry and that was last year. I realised I could look forward to my birthday again - and I did. And in a nutshell that is why I look forward to birthdays so much. Because I can.
This year I've booked 2 weeks off work starting on my birthday - I like to think of it as a gift to myself. 
This is my little birthday wish list 
Denim Jacket - I've had my eye on various black denim jackets for quite a while. I don't want a particularly expensive one because I want to customise it. I will be going to Manchester city centre, The Trafford Centre and Liverpool during my time off so I think i will use some birthday money to pick one up.
Mascara - I need a new one and this is the only one that Mac currently do that I haven't tried so I think some of my birthday money will be going on this. Plus I always love new makeup.
A cake - I always want a really birthday cake. Always. I'm on slimming world at the moment but will be giving myself a few days off over my birthday so a cake is a must.
"Do more of what makes you happy" - SUCH A CHEESEY QUOTE but I couldn't find anything else that sums up what I want and thats simply time spent with my boyfriend and the lovely people that I know. I want to have lazy days and adventure days and time to just be happy.
Fitzpatricks cordial - This is something I want to do on my actual birthday. I want to go to Rawtenstall where they have a lovely market then I want a fancy cordial in Britans oldest temperance bar. I've wanted to go for ages. 
Books - I've not asked for many specifics apart from books, because I love books.
Patch - For the denim jacket that I intend to buy!

Iam I the only one that gets this het up over birthdays?