31 July, 2016

Birthday wishes

It's exactly one week until my birthday. I guess most people say that as you get older birthdays don't tend to mean so much but for me it's not like that.  As a kid I had the best parties, being in August  it was often sunny. I remember having all my friends round, my mum has quite a big garden so we could all run around being silly and playing football, she would put on a huge buffet and i'd alway have a really nice cake. I remember having a swimming party with huge inflatables and sitting at the head of a really long table as all my friend tucked in to hot dogs. When I was 15 I went to London with my mum over my birthday and we shopped until are hands where sore for carrying bags and I loved every second of it.  
Then as I got a bit older birthdays became more about going out with all my friends and getting drunk but I would always make sure I had cake with my family in the day.  Then I had a few birthdays that where not as fun because my family were really ill, first my grandma, then my mum and grandma. Whilst I still appreciated my birthday I was just too worried to enjoy anything and didn't really want to do much - kind of just going through the motions. Then things got better- no one was ill and I didn't have to worry and that was last year. I realised I could look forward to my birthday again - and I did. And in a nutshell that is why I look forward to birthdays so much. Because I can.
This year I've booked 2 weeks off work starting on my birthday - I like to think of it as a gift to myself. 
This is my little birthday wish list 
Denim Jacket - I've had my eye on various black denim jackets for quite a while. I don't want a particularly expensive one because I want to customise it. I will be going to Manchester city centre, The Trafford Centre and Liverpool during my time off so I think i will use some birthday money to pick one up.
Mascara - I need a new one and this is the only one that Mac currently do that I haven't tried so I think some of my birthday money will be going on this. Plus I always love new makeup.
A cake - I always want a really birthday cake. Always. I'm on slimming world at the moment but will be giving myself a few days off over my birthday so a cake is a must.
"Do more of what makes you happy" - SUCH A CHEESEY QUOTE but I couldn't find anything else that sums up what I want and thats simply time spent with my boyfriend and the lovely people that I know. I want to have lazy days and adventure days and time to just be happy.
Fitzpatricks cordial - This is something I want to do on my actual birthday. I want to go to Rawtenstall where they have a lovely market then I want a fancy cordial in Britans oldest temperance bar. I've wanted to go for ages. 
Books - I've not asked for many specifics apart from books, because I love books.
Patch - For the denim jacket that I intend to buy!

Iam I the only one that gets this het up over birthdays?

30 July, 2016

MAC Trolls collaboration

I love a limited edition collection, I love a collaboration and when I was about 7 years old I was obsessed with trolls so I couldn't be more excited about the trolls collection.

I always look out for emails from MAC, I love most of there make up and the majority of my make up is from the brand so when a new collection email arrived in my inbox a few days ago I was so excited to see the new collaboration. 

This range consists of Lipstick, lip glass, eyeshadows, glitter, powder and a brush as well as 2 coloured hairsprays which is defiantly new for MAC.

The powders have already sold out online and I don't think that it will be long before the collection is gone. A huge part of me wanted to buy a few items on impulse but money wise it's a very tight month so I've promised myself that if it's still about after my birthday I'll get something with my birthday money. I'll be going to Manchester and Liverpool that week so hopefully I will gat to swatch them in person too.


I'm defiantly drawn towards the powders, the iridescent glitter, the blue lip glass and the blue lipstick in Midnight Troll. 

This is up there with my one of my favourite collaborations  - I did love the Disney Villains colab though, and Marge Simpson. What has been your favourite collaboration of collection that MAC have ever done? 
Or what would you like to see them do?


25 July, 2016

Beauty: Mac Neutrals Palette Warm

Early last year MAC released two pre filled neutral palettes consisting of 15 eyeshadows, 1 warm toned and 1 cool toned, both of which are now part of the permanent range available online and in store and at MAC counters.  This year they added a seasonal edit. When I saw that these palettes online I was desperate to own the warm palette, all of the shades are completely up my street and compared to the price of a regular MAC palette, the ones you have to fill yourself, this one is an absolute steal.
I've had it for about a year now and I go back to it time and time again.

The mac Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette is fifteen warm shades: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind and Divine Decadence.

Like always with MAC eyeshadows the quality and pigmentation is perfect I also like the mix of finishes that come with the is palette. 
It was a lot of money to spend on a palette in one go but the savings are incredible it'd totally justified and since I've bought 4 of the mini MAC palettes. I am considering adding the cool toned palette to my collection at some point but that will be something for a later date.

What do you think of the MAC neutrals, well worth the investment or not?


18 July, 2016


Today I am sat in my new house, my 2 men ( boyfriend and dog) curled up on the sofa with me. I'm content. Today is the first night we will all be in the house together. We have been decoration the bedroom for the 2 weeks. We thought we should get that sorted before we move in. We have quite a bit of decorating left to do but nothing too big.
Since getting the house and for some time before I've become a little bit obsessed with home decor. Both myself and my boyfriend have quite particular tastes and we have enjoyed shopping for things for the home. We have got loads of amazing items for the house, an old GPO style phone, this cool 'come in/go away' door mat which I found on eBay and my 'acidic wit' jar buy my new favourite 'Vinegar and brown paper' which I picked up in Hebden bridge. We are currently waiting on a dining room table that we have had commissioned - it's being made out of old church pews.

We have got most or our home furnishings on days out, from markets, small independent shops or outlets like boundary mill which are particularly good for the more practical items.
We still have quite a lot of things to get which are some time off yet, either because they are extremely expensive or not a priority right now - but we are planning to add to our home as soon as we can justify it.

1. A pew, we have a dining room with a long empty wall and we want one to run along it and provide more seating, plus it will go beautifully with the dining table & chairs.
2. This is a long way off but I really want a chiminia or a fire pit for the garden. We have a small enclosed garden with some decking and chairs and I love it. I think a fire would be great as the nights get a little colder, I imagine it being really cosy sat outside next to the fire on a autumn evening. Maybe not this year but it's something I have in mind..
3. This is something I've wanted since I was a kid, globe lamps are actually really easy to get hold of and once the study has been painted and book shelves been put up I really do was to get a globe lamp in there!
4. We started off intending to get a wing back chair to go with the sofa in the lounge but the longer we look around the more we are starting to lean towards this club chair.  This is really my boyfriends chair so he will make the decision but I think this one is really nice.
5. Obnoxiously big floor lamps are kind of my thing right now. I like this design I also like the ones that look like stage lights and the ones that look a little bit like telescopes. I'm rethinking that an obnoxiously big floor lamp will look really good next to the Club chair!
6. This screwed up paper bag is actually a porcelain vase, I've seen a few different design and in a few different places but the first place I saw this was in Saltire nearly 2 years ago. Saltire is a lovely little village with an old mill thats been beautifully converted into an art gallery, shopping space and restaurant - defiantly worth and visit and one of the first places I went with my boyfriend.

So as you can see are taste is a little eclectic. Have you seen anything you like? What do you think of the decor so far?


15 July, 2016

Hello again.

Nearly a year later.
Hello. I missed blogging. In the nearly year that has passed since I last logged on I've...

 Tried out a new job, I got to travel all around the UK staying in hotels and moving every week if not more. It was in part amazing but also very lonely and very stressful. I learnt so much in such a short space or time, I got to manage big teams and do really cool things but the constant moving and instability made me very anxious and jittery. Last month I transferred back to my old job feeling older, wiser and much more appreciative of routine.

Moved in to a lovely house with my boyfriend and my dog. It's beautiful and perfect and we have only had the keys maybe 2 weeks but I keep finding myself getting excited about using my new hoover in my new house and other such adult things which are all rather new to me. We are now in the process of decorating and slowly moving in. I can't wait for all my things to be in one place but the best thing about the house is that we are together.

Decided to start blogging again. In 2015 I felt hugely under pressure to blog and sometimes I was tired, I felt guilty - this was all pressure I'd put on my self. I'd lost sight of the fact that I did and do enjoy blogging. Then I remembered.
  No huge epiphany, I just miss it.  
Seen as a nearly year has gone by I guess I've changed a little, so I guess my blog will to. Like before expect beauty, fashion, the things I love but now I will include my home and my little adventures - for myself and in appreciation of all the good things.  

So thats it.
I'm back.

Hello old friends and hello to the new ones to, my name is Danielle, pleased to meet you.