02 September, 2015


Taking a break from blogging. Blogging used to be a huge part of my life and a source of great joy. It's taught me so many skills and changed me to do all sorts of things.
Blogging has played  huge roll in what I want in the future.
Whilst I still love blogging and fashion and beauty and I'm a self confessed social media addict my passion for this blog has taken a back seat.
I work full time. I have other priorities, I want to make time to continue with the work I carried out during my masters degree, I want to build a future for myself. I want to improve myself and appreciate the amazing gorgeous people in my life. I want to grow up and find a job that encompasses my passions and I also want to sleep, without feeling guilty.

I will without a doubt return to blogging maybe back here or I might start a fresh.

I'm still on instagram and twitter.

Love to all.